AI Roleplays for Sales Training

Training new reps has never been easier

What is Replay?

We help your sales reps perform at their max with role plays, script memorization, and weekly competitions.

Script Memorization
Weekly Competitions

On-Demand Training

We make on-demand training more effective by creating and tracking activities that elicit true learning.

Replay will help you train your sales reps with ease.

Create Custom Roleplays

We use AI to create a virtual customer. Select the objections you want your sales reps to practice, or they can select a “random door” and we can do it for them. Once a role-play is finished, a rep can go through and read everything that was said along with stats to review effectiveness.

Script Memorization

We help reps memorize certain scripts the manager wants them to memorize. We record the rep reciting the script and take words away every time.

Create Learning Paths

Managers can tell reps how to train by creating a learning path similar to duolingo. They can set scripts and role-plays in order of how they want their reps to go through trainings.

Facilitate Competitions

We incentivize reps to do trainings by doing weekly competitions. Whoever does the most role-plays in a week gets the weekly incentive.